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The origin of the Basenji lies in Africa. This breed is one of the most ancient breeds of dog, originating in the Congo Basin.
There is a misconception that these are dogs that do not have the ability to bark, but this is not true. They can bark, but they will not bark. It is not a mute dog, according to the American Kennel Club, though the rumor is that this is a mute dog. If you’re looking for one that doesn’t make much noise, this is the breed for you. Be warned, however, that this breed does make noise. It’s not a silent dog.
The Basenji sheds very little hair and is odorless. It is a very good choice for allergy sufferers. Its short and fine coat needs minimal grooming. Brushing its coat once in a week and rubbing its body occasionally with a damp towel is sufficient to maintain a healthy looking coat. Its ears and eyes need to be cleaned regularly.
It is an active breed which needs lot of daily exercise. Daily long walks should be supplemented with jogging, running or other games for mental and physical well being of the dog. However, it should not be let off the leash in an unsecured area. It tends to gain weight quickly so should not be overfed.
They were a breed developed to spend their time outside during the day, and for some reason this dog still feels the same way. 
There are some depictions from ancient times that show the Basenji being bred with wild animals, which is why the animal is more like a jackal than anything else. There are only a few places hidden deep in Africa where this breed is still completely purebred, and many people find it difficult to find these dogs anywhere.
Most animals would rather do anything else than sit still while they are being groomed. The Basenji, however, is quite happy to sit back and relax while being groomed. The reason being is that it’s a clean dog that doesn’t mind going outside and getting a bit dirty, but it prefers to be clean.

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