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The earliest “Beagles” were just 8 or 9 inches in height and called “Pocket Beagles.”

As hunting increased in popularity in the mid-18th century, larger dogs became more prominent. Pocket Beagles are said to have been extinct by 1901. 

The models for the first American standard Beagles were imported to America from England in the early 1870s.

Unfortunately, they are the most used purebred dog used by the FDA for testing of food coloring and other food additives.

The average life span of a Beagle is 13 years. 

Beagle litter sizes range enormously, from 1 to 10 puppies, with 6 being the average. 

Beagles are pack animals. Because of that instinct, they love being in a family as much as we love having them in ours. They look for companionship more than some other, more independent breeds.


86% of owners say that their Beagle snores, it is the #1 reported behavior of this breed. 
57% of owners report that their Beagle is possessive of certain favorite toys. 
The trick that this breed does best? 52% of owners say it is retrieving an object on command. 
46% say that they allow their Beagle to regularity sleep in their bed at night. 

They are happy, friendly dogs who make great family pets.

Their hunting instincts causes them to want to chase after 
small creatures and therefore they will most often not do well in households with hamsters, bunnies, etc.

Even though they will go after small pets, most actually get along very well with mature cats. 

A good majority of them twitch in their sleep, this is normal and is most often due to deep REM sleeping. 

Since they have an independence streak, it is best to begin both command and house training early. 

Because of their incredible nose, they often can and do pick up the scent of food that is in the trash…and for this reason, trash should be kept out of reach. 

The best way to train a Beagle is by rewarding them for good behavior and being consistent in this training until they master all that is expected. 

Baths should be given every 2-3 weeks unless the dog gets very dirty….Giving baths too often can dry out the dog’s skin and cause itching problems. 
Only canine shampoo should be used, as many are allergic to human products. 
Dental care is important.   Tooth brushings should begin at home when the Beagle is a puppy….One should use only canine toothpaste.  Good dental hygiene will ensure a healthier adult dog.  

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