Bearded Collies

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Bearded Collies are one of the oldest British dog breeds. They are medium-sized herding dogs with long bodies and agile movement. Their large nose is black, and their medium ears are covered with hair.
The eye color typically depends on the coat color.
The medium-length double coat is waterproof and shaggy. They are called Bearded Collies, or “Beardies,” because the long facial hair hanging over the chin resembles a beard, a feature unique to this breed of collie.
Coat colors include blue, brown, black or fawn and may have white markings. The coat color can change in intensity, usually lightening until the dog matures.
Bearded Collies can be finicky eaters, which is surprising in such active dogs. A good balanced diet is adequate; however, too many treats can lead to obesity even in these active dogs.
The dogs require a fair amount of exercise. Ideally they should get a couple of walks daily and a good running, play, or training session as well. Bearded Collies are fairly hardy and often live to 14 or 15 years of age.
This breed is active, outgoing, playful and energetic. They love the outdoors and can live outside, but they form strong attachments to their family members. They are great with children and other dogs, although they may give chase after a cat.
HIGH: This active herding dog needs daily exercise to expel energy. A bored and lazy Beardie can be destructive.
One of the oldest herding breeds, the bearded collie is thought to be descended from some Polish lowland sheepdogs left in Scotland in the 1500s. These dogs then crossed with the local herding dogs to produce these herding dogs of the British Isles.


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