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The Beauceron is an interesting dog with many fun facts within its rich history. It is a noble and wonderful dog and there may be a few things that will surprise you about its past!
The Beauceron was not recognized as an official breed by the AKC until September 2001. It received full recognition in June of 2007 and was classified as a member of the herding group. It is the 157th breed listed with the AKC. It has been recorded in the Foundation Stock Service as a breed since 1998.
The Beauceron is not a dog of extremes, but is a solid, balanced dog as befitting a true multipurpose dog ready to do a long day's work.
Its body is powerful yet agile, its jaws strong, its gait fluid, effortless, and ground covering. The head is not held high when moving, but is lowered to the level of the back, as is typical of herding dogs.
Its outer coat is straight, dense, and coarse, of medium length; this, combined with a dense undercoat, offers weather-resistant protection. 
An unusual trait is the presence of double dewclaws on the hindlegs, which seem to be a French tradition for herding and flock dogs. Although they serve no function, they were perhaps at one time associated with the best herders, and are now a breed trademark.
Beaucerons are uncannily intelligent and adept at any task involving learning, memory, and reasoning. 
The Beauceron is used extensively in France on farms to herd sheep and other cattle. There are many sheep herding dogs in France, but the Beauceron is by far the preferred choice.
The Beauceron is a movie star! It appeared in the James Bond Film "Moonraker". This is where the breed was first seen by many Americans.
The Beauceron is still used as a work dog by the French police and army. It has many useful talents that make it the dog of choice for them. It is talented in guarding and Schutzhund, which is protection.
It also is very good at tracking. It is adept at tracking bombs and landmines. It is an agile dog with a strong drive to work and do its job well.
They are courageous and calm, and make reliable, thoughtful guardians. This is an extremely loyal breed that is eager to please its family; however, if not properly trained, the Beauceron can run the family.
Beaucerons are patient with children, but can be overwhelming to them or try to herd them. They may be wary of strangers and do not take to unfamiliar dogs. They can get along with other family dogs and pets.
The Beauceron is an athletic dog. It is a fierce competitor in the world of doggie sports. It has a strong drive to do well in whatever it is trying to accomplish. It is a dog that will leave its mark on the world in the future, much as it has in the past.


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