Bloodhounds facts

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The Bloodhound is perhaps most famous for the breed’s excellent sense of smell, with many successful search and rescue missions under their belt.
This is one of the oldest dog breeds that hunt by scent alone. 

They originated in Europe and then were carefully bred for over a century in the U.S. to establish the standard that we know of today.

They are in the Hound Group of the AKC, recognized in 1885.
Possible colors will be:

•    Black and tan
•    Liver and tan (You will know that a dog is a liver when the nose is liver)
•    Red
•    Tawny
Markings may be small, white freckle type spots.

They skin hangs very loose on the body and this produces many folds and wrinkles.

The nose is always black. 

The eyes are an interesting diamond shape and are rather deeply sunken in.  

It is the heavy and large lips of this dog that weigh down on the corners of the eyes that cause them to be in the shape of diamonds.

It is a Bloodhound fact that all purebreds have long, soft, drooping ears that fall down the sides of the face. 

The tails is carried high and has a slight curve. 
The Bloodhounds are not only career minded dogs; many of them are part of loving families. Sometimes portrayed in the media as a lazy breed, the Bloodhounds are anything but. They have high energy and stamina levels due to their history as trackers — they were known to track a scent for miles on end.
In fact, the Bloodhound has many talents but they make a terrible watchdog or a guard dog. They love everybody and consider everybody as their pals. Thus, intruders might become their best friends and get away with your TV and other belongings.
They are one-of-a-kind breed and can be a handful at times due to their stubbornness and independence, but they are truly a delight to have around. This versatile breed can be found working hard in law enforcement and military, or in search and rescue organizations, where they get to be the star of the show, relentlessly tracking missing people, children, and pets, as well as escaped criminals.
They are very loving, affectionate and friendly dogs.

Some can tend to want to be the leader of the house.  This behavior can be avoided if properly trained from a young age…or to not waste any time if an older dog begins to display this behavior.  Training for this will involve taking action to show the Bloodhound that the owner is the true leader.  This happens when one always enters and exits the house first and the dog goes 2nd.  It also sends a strong message when the owner begins eating first and only after the dog has noticed this, is the dog food bowl then placed down on the floor. 
This large dog should be brushed at least 1 time per week. 
A minimum of 90 minutes of daily exercise is recommended. 
A strong-willed breed, the Bloodhound loves their family unconditionally; as a matter of fact they love everybody. Most of them don’t have an aggressive bone in their body. If you captured the heart of the Bloodhound, consider yourself lucky, as you gained a loyal, intelligent and devoted companion.

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