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Once past the puppy stage, he is calm and quiet indoors, gliding through your living room with light-footed grace.
Off-leash, though, he explodes into a powerful, driving, floating gallop. Therefore the space where he is loosed to run must be safe and enclosed, else he will be out of sight in seconds. Breeders say the leading cause of death in Borzoi is being hit by a car.
The borzoi is a running hound capable of hunting large, fierce game in a very cold climate. As such, it retains the greyhound build necessary for running at great speed, but it is larger and stronger than the greyhound. Its jaws should be strong enough to hold down a wolf.
The long, silky coat, which can be either flat, wavy or rather curly, provides protection against cold weather and snow. Borzois should possess elegance and grace, with flowing lines, whether standing or moving.
Though usually sweet and docile, they can be touch-sensitive and may react with lightning reflexes if grabbed unexpectedly or startled. This is a not a breed to be taken lightly or teased.
If you want a dog who...
  • Is tall and slender, yet very powerful – a racy athlete
  • Has a silky coat that comes in many colors
  • Is extremely athletic and graceful – can run swiftly and jump great heights
  • Carries himself in a calm, dignified manner
A breed of quiet elegance, the borzoi exemplifies the well-mannered house dog. Outdoors, it races with wild abandon, and it will chase any small animal that runs. It is independent but very sensitive. Although generally good with children, it may not be playful enough to satisfy some children. Some can be timid. It is reserved with strangers.

If you don't want to deal with...

  • Providing a safe enclosed area where he can gallop
  • Shyness or suspiciousness when not socialized enough
  • Emotional sensitivity to stress and abrupt changes in schedule
  • Strong instincts to chase other living creatures that run
The Borzoi was once known as the Russian Wolfhound and did originate in Russia, where coursing hounds of this type have been known of since the 13th century. 

If I was considering a Borzoi, I would be most concerned about...

  1. Providing enough running exercise.
  2. Chasing other animals.
  3. The independent temperament.
  4. Heavy shedding.
  5. Potential health problems.

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