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If you can keep up with the breed, and that is a big if, you have found yourself the perfect companion. The Brittany is a breed well-known for their zest for life and they seem to always be ready for the next best thing.
The breed is sure to make even the sternest of people smile, watching them gallop happily around an open field.
They need plenty of exercise and then some. The Brittanys need to be constantly on the move, running, jumping, playing and having a job to do. Being idle frustrates them and, if bored, they may become destructive and hyperactive.
The Brittany breed originates from France. In the mid 1800s, English gentry traveled to the region to hunt game birds and took with them their well-trained Pointers and English, Irish, Gordon and Llewellyn Setters.
At the end of each hunting season, these dogs were often left behind with the local people until the next season. It is thought that the local folk mated their ‘native’ type hunting dogs with the British Pointers and Setters and, as a result, consolidated on a medium sized hunting dog that became very popular.
This kind, intelligent breed will make a great addition to an active family as they can keep up with the best athletes in the family and will probably outdo their owners. As long as they are provided with plenty of daily exercise and mental stimulation, they will make a loyal and an amazing four-legged friend.
The Brittany coat is not particularly long or thick, but it does require a regular brush to maintain good coat health. It is generally classified as a breed needing low to medium grooming requirements, but extra care will be required if exhibiting at shows.
Because they are still popular as hunting dogs, they do have a high energy requirement and need abundant, regular exercise.
Their enthusiasm for life is contagious and everything they do, they do with great joy and excitement. Adding a Brittany to your life will not only get you off the couch and active but it will also make you appreciate the little things and the true joys of life. As long as you can commit to their exercise needs, you are sure to gain a wonderful companion for many years to come.
Fact file
Breed classification Gundog
Size Medium
Origin France
Lifespan 12-15 yrs
Colors White and orange, white and black, white and liver, tricolor, piebald or roan, sometimes with ticking
Cost $1200
Common hereditary problems Epilepsy, hip dysplasia, glaucoma and skin allergies

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