Bullmastiffs facts

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The Bullmastiff is a docile, loyal and courageous dog. This is a dog which has been bestowed the task of service. The dog is basically a breed between a Bulldog and Mastiff. Both are English originated dogs.
The Bullmastiff is known to be made in England in the year 1860. During those years, land keepers faced many attacks by thieves and poachers as they stole livestock from their land. The game keepers decided to make dogs which would provide security for them and thus the bullmastiff was born [or bred]. The Bullmastiffs were made to be huge, fearless dogs that would follow their master’s command to the latter and provide protection from the enemy.
They can have the following characteristics:
  • The dog is docile. Hardly will you ever hear it bark. Barking is unusual to such dogs.
  • The dog is above average in intelligence, therefore, easy to receive instruction and master its remembrance abilities.
  • The dog has a sharp sense of smell. Therefore, it can also serve as a sniffer dog but it will not be so much great in it.
  • The dog is not easily irritated. Since it is docile, it becomes so hard to make this dog snap.
  • The dog is very powerful. It has good strength that enables it to pounce on its victims and hold them to the ground as they await their next command from its master
  • The dog is not very friendly especially to other animals. It hates cats and cannot tolerate with some of its cousins in the dog family.
  • The dog is very committed to their owner and accepts any instruction from their master who has trained it well.
If you want a dog who...
  • Is massive and powerful
  • Has a short easy-care coat
  • Is calm and quiet indoors as an adult
  • Makes an imposing watchdog
  • Is serious and self-assured with strangers, yet generally mild-mannered unless aroused
  • Needs only moderate exercise

    They should be kept in a nice, clean kennel. Alternatively, Bullmastiffs should be kept indoors. Bullmastiffs are not really concerned about being left alone since it is mellow, maybe in the case of puppies whereby it’s necessary to show it a bit of more concern by bringing them food every now and then.
    If you don't want to deal with...
    • A very big dog who takes up a lot of space in your house and car
    • A heavy dog who wants to sit on your feet and lean his weight against your leg
    • Rowdiness and exuberant jumping when young
    • Destructiveness when bored or left alone too much
    • Potential aggression toward people in some lines, or when not socialized enoug
    • Potential aggression toward other animals
    After giving birth, the puppies are fend by their mother and are fed using breast milk. They grow up fast and often live to about 10 years maximum.
    An average Bullmastiff has a lifespan of about 8 years. In some cases, they can go up to 10 years. This is possible by giving it proper care and attention.

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