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This dog is known as a Fireman Dog since it is the mascot of firefighters in both the U.S. and the UK.
The most widely accepted theory is that this breed originated in the Balkans, although friezes that were discovered in Greece and in the Middle East depict a very similar looking dog. 

They are used as work dogs in a variety of different settings, however they are also very popular as family pets. 

This is the only spotted dog breed.
Perhaps the most distinctive of all canine breeds, the Dalmatian is easily identifiable for its liver spots that show up against its pure white, sable, blue or lemon white coat. Boasting a muscular and athletic build, the Dalmatian is highly energetic and requires regular exercise, thus being best suited to a countryside setting where there is ample space for movement and play. 
This breed is very alert and has a high level of energy.

Many have very amusing personalities and will clown around for fun and to make their owners laugh. 

They have great speed and high endurance.   How fast can a Dalmatian run? Well exercised and healthy adult dogs can reach 30 mph. 

They love people and are very caring and affectionate.
They do very well in a family environment, for the Dalmatian the more humans in the house, the better!  However in many cases they will choose 1 person to be singled out as special and will give that person the most attention. 

They often follow an owner around like a shadow and most will do their best to work themselves into an owner’s bed at night to sleep. 

Many have an instinct to chase after small creatures such as mice or rats. Because of this, many do not do well in household with small animals such as hamsters or rabbits. 
Possessing an easy temperament, the breed is sweet-natured, compatible with children and other domestic pets, as well as intelligent, vigilant to change and threat and obedient to its owner when trained. The average weight of a healthy Dalmatian is 25 kg, although there are discrepancies across gender, with a life expectancy of 10-12 years when shown appropriate care. It is not uncommon for the breed to exceed this life expectancy average.
With a high level of energy, daily exercise is a must. If this breed is not walked each day they will become very frustrated with pent up energy.  A good walk of 30-60 minutes each day is best. 
These are inside dogs and should not be tied outside or left in an enclosed yard to spend their day….They are people oriented and need daily human interaction to be happy and well behaved.
Despite being generally healthy and resilient, the Dalmatian is vulnerable to certain breed-related ailments, including skin allergies arising from certain synthetic fibres in carpets and upholstery fabrics, as well as urinary stones accumulating within the urinary tract.
Besides this, Dalmatians are especially prone to early-onset deafness, a genetic condition, with 10-12% of dogs being born with the affliction.


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