German Pinschers

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German Pinschers are outstanding working dogs and can be used in almost any type of event from agility through to obedience and even sporting and fun events such as Frisbee Dog competitions and Flyball.
While the German Pinscher may look more like the Doberman Pinscher, which is a distant relative, the breed is actually most closely related to the longer haired Standard Schnauzer.
A well bred German Pinscher will be a loving companion with an even temperament. Temperament is hereditary.
If you are considering adding a German Pinscher to your family, be sure to that you are able to meet and touch the mother of the puppy you are offered.
Do not accept excuses for poor temperament. German Pinschers should be friendly dogs. They are highly intelligent, quick learners who do not enjoy repetition in training.
The original German Pinscher had two additional colors, a pure black and a silver and black, often called a salt and pepper color, which was known as silberpinsch. These colors were lost when the dogs were almost wiped out through the Wars and breeders were not able to recreate the breeding required to resurrect the colors.
Another name for the German Pinscher is the Deutscher Pinscher, which it is most commonly known by in its native country of Germany.
The Canadian Kennel Club first recognized the German Pinscher in 2000 and competed for the first time at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club show in 2004. The winning dogs name was Ch. Windamir Hunter Des Charmettes.
Since the German Pinscher is a relatively rare breed it has been more carefully and selectively bred than many of the fad breeds or the highly popular dogs. It is important to buy from a recognized, reputable breeder to get the best possible pet or show animal.
German Pinscher breeders work very diligently to avoid any health problems within the various lines.

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