How To Drive Safely With Your Dog

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With the holiday season fast approaching, millions of people and their pets will be hitting the road.But no matter how many miles you’re logging this summer, dog owners should make sure their canine passengers are safe and secure during the drive.
If you puppy fears riding in the car, it can be a hassle to travel with your puppy or even take your dog along on errands. Some puppies throw fits, cry, and even get sick on the drive. Learn what you can do to ease those fears so your new dog will grow into an excellent traveling companion at home and away.
While some pets look forward to car rides, it's understandable why some develop a fear of it. The first ride in the car takes your puppy away from the only family it has ever known. The next several car rides end up at the veterinarian for needle pokes for puppy vaccinations and unpleasantly cold thermometers inserted in uncomfortable places.
Like traveling with small children, a dog can get antsy in the car, so it’s best to give her plenty of exercise before she hops in. Plan out regular water and bathroom stops on your route to give your dog time to stretch her legs. At a minimum, dogs should get breaks from the car every four to six hours.
Associate cars with fun, happy experiences instead of just trips to the vet. This process, called desensitization, takes patience and time, but it works whether a pet acts scared, sick, or just hyper. Once your puppy realizes a car ride means wonderful things, it will look forward to every trip.
It’s impossible to predict every bump in the road, sudden stop or accident (let’s hope not!). To keep you and your pup safe, drive with your dog secured with a dog seat belt, dog car hammock or a dog seat cover for backseat
Without one of these features, a dog can roam freely, which can be dangerous for everyone on the road. 
Tens of thousands of car accidents are caused by drivers who were distracted by their unrestrained pets.
Dogs should always ride in the back seat, as the passenger airbag may cause them harm. If you want your pup to ride up front, you can also disable your passenger-side airbag before the trip. And never put the crate (or any dog in general) in the back of an open pickup truck.
Another safety tip is to turn off your power windows so dogs can't accidentally roll the window down

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