Japanese Chin

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These dogs are considered a mixture of opposites. He is considered to be smart, playful, mischievous, determined, alert, stubborn, and affectionate. They have a very adorable with a great sense of humour but can be equally irritable. They are very childlike and can cause a lot of mischief. They are highly unpredictable and will leave you guessing as to where the next crash is going to happen.
They make good apartment dogs but cannot be housed outside or in a kennel. The only need moderate exercise and a short walk or a game of fetch will suffice. They are even content to lie by your side all day.
They love spending time with the family and are very prone to stress and separation anxiety when members are not around for a long time.
Small, lively and aristocratic, the Japanese Chin is a square-proportioned small dog. It has a bright, inquisitive expression — distinctly Oriental. A small amount of white shows in the inner corners of the eyes, imparting a look of astonishment. Its gait is stylish, lively and light.
The single coat is abundant, straight and silky, tending to stand out from the body. The overall appearance is one of Oriental aristocracy.
They tend to have a cat like behaviour and can be found licking and cleaning themselves often. Also they are very good climbers and like to perch themselves on top of the sofa or shelf.
So keeping your cookie jar on a top shelf is not a good idea if these mischievous dogs are there in the house.
The Japanese Chin is a devoted companion, relishing a warm lap as much as a boisterous game. It is sensitive and willing to please, tending to shadow its owner. It is a friend to all: strangers, dogs and pets. Its playfulness and gentleness make it a good child's companion for equally gentle children.
The breed has been described as almost catlike — some even climb.
They have a very silky and abundant coat with a lot of feathering at the ears. They are very clean dogs ad seldom require a bath. A wipe down with a down with a towel and a dry shampoo is all that is required. 
Originally called the Japanese Spaniel, and still called that name by some clubs, the Japanese Spaniel was renamed "Japanese Chin" by the AKC in 1977.
The Japanese Chin is first and foremost bred as a companion dog. Despite the name "Japanese" the breed is native to the land of China.

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