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The Kuvasz (pronounced koo-vahs; the plural version of which is Kuvaszok) is a little known Hungarian breed in line with many of the great working dogs of the world.
These majestic beasts were bred to protect livestock, and fight off predators.
They aggressively protect properties, family and other household pets. Aside from being a watchdog, they can also tolerate pain, making them ideal companions of kids who can be overwhelmingly active.
If you are looking for a loyal pet companion that is more than willing to defend your loved ones the same way you protect them, the Kuvasz is the perfect breed for your household.
They possess high endurance, making them a unique breed. The Kuvasz bears great resemblance with wolves because of their undeniable power and strength. The only thing that sets them apart from their veracious counterparts is their graceful and endearing stride.
Most Kuvasz live to be between 10 and 12 years, which is not so unusual for such a large dog. Reputable breeders produce healthier dogs, increasing their chance of living into the double digits.
It is also very important to maintain the Kuvasz’s weight. These big dogs do not need any added stressors to their bodies.
This breed is made for protecting. They are confident in their abilities, having been bred to be independent-thinkers. This means that they are perfectly happy to stay calm until they are needed. Kuvaszok are surprisingly agile for being so large.
Training a Kuvasz can be tough. This breed is dominant and independent, which explains why it loves being in charge all the time. To raise an obedient Kuvasz, consistency is the key. Training should be firm, but it should be blended with tenderness so the dog breed won’t develop violent behavior.

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