Miniature Bull Terrier

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The Miniature Bull Terrier is a small and stocky but very strong little dog. Selectively bred from smaller examples of the full-sized Bull Terrier, the Miniature version is almost identical in its appearance and its temperament. The first miniature version was first bred from the Bull Terrier in the early 1900s.
They are famous for “Bully Runs,” tears through the house or the yard that happen for no apparent reason, and can cause a lot of laughs. They are typically friendly to visitors, but they make excellent watchdogs and will protect their home and family from anyone with ill intentions.
It’s best to have a Bull Terrier in a family with older kids, though. The independent nature and strength of the breed can mean difficult management for younger children. Aggression towards other dogs is also known to be a factor with the Bull Terrier. As always this is best prevented with early socialising and good consistent discipline.
Bullies need a lot of vigorous exercise, but are small enough for apartment life when a commitment is made to their need for physical activity.
Training is best done in short sessions due to Bull Terriers' short attention span and they will quickly become uninterested, even if treats are used as a reward. Lots of patience is necessary when working with a Bull Terrier, as training can be a long process. 
Miniature Bull Terriers usually measure between 25 to 33cm and should weigh somewhere between 11 and 15kgs. They generally live to between 10 and 12 years of age.
The Stafford Bull Terrier is often the fourth most popular breed of dog in Australia, just behind the Labrador, Golden Retriever and the German Shepherd. There has been a popular move by most responsible breeders to develop better natured Bull Terriers into the future.
Their distinctive face, muscular build and short glossy coat has seen the breed featured in a number of films, television programs, advertising and other popular media.
It is important that this breed get enough exercise throughout the day and have enough activities to keep them busy when left alone, or they will become destructive. Some Bullies need to be crated well into adulthood to keep them (and the house furniture) safe when left alone.

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