Pomeranians facts

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Tiny and bright-eyed, the spunky Pomeranian greets the world with endless curiosity and a sure sense that he’s the cutest thing around. He is clever, adaptable, and happy, whether hanging at home or performing as a top athlete on an agility course.

According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association 2009-2010 National Pet Owners survey, 39 percent of households in America own dogs. You can find a dog in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, breeds or temperament. Each breed of dog has different character traits and each individual dog has his own personality.

Pomeranians are very small dogs that average in size between 3 and 7 lbs. Pomeranians originated in Iceland. During that time, they were solid white with thick, heavy coats and reached up to 20 pounds. They were used then as sled dogs.

Everything about the Pomeranian is bright: his eyes, his temperament, and his intelligence. Though he’s very fond of his family and delighted to get some lap time, he’s also a busy little guy. You’re more likely to find him trotting around your house on an important mission than snoozing on the sofa.

Dogs of all breeds age at different rates. Your Pomeranian may take seven to 12 years go begin showing signs of age. Because of their size Pomeranians tend to have a longer life span than larger breeds. Your Pomeranian may live until his late teens as long as you properly care for him.

Pomeranians have a profuse double coat that needs regular brushing but are otherwise easy to care for. And, make no mistake, Poms bark. It may not be deafening, but it can be annoying and difficult to stop, even with training. As with many small dogs, Pomeranians may be harder to housetrain

No two Pomeranians will look ever look alike. Pomeranians come in any color, solid or multi-colored, and it is one of the few breeds of dog that does. Pomeranians do possess the ability to birth twins, though the twin puppies will have different color coats.

  • The breed became popular in 1888 after Queen Victoria fell in love with a Pom while vacationing in Italy.
  • Pomeranians have a thick, beautiful coat that comes in many colors and patterns, and they are easy to groom.
  • Pomeranians get along well with other pets but should be protected from rambunctious children.


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