Rat Terriers

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Originally bred from fox terriers to catch rats and other vermin, rat terriers derived their name from this skill.
Rat terriers are small-to-medium-size dogs who are playful, active and loyal, and who desire the companionship of humans. If you are looking for a dedicated, energetic, intelligent and somewhat vocal dog who enjoys both playtime and snuggling, the rat terrier may be the perfect companion dog for you.
The American Kennel Club recognizes two size divisions for the breed. Miniature rat terriers are between 10 and 13 inches in height at the withers. Standard rat terriers are between 13 and 18 inches.

The short, straight rat terrier coat is described as pied or parti-colored. White must be present in the coat. Many combinations and patterns are acceptable, but a body color of 10 to 90 percent white is preferred, according to the AKC. 
Because rat terriers are so smart, housebreaking your puppy shouldn't be difficult. That's the good news. The downside is that these dogs don't like being alone. Separation anxiety is a common issue in the breed. Crate-train yours from an early age, because you probably can't leave a rat terrier loose in the house until he's a few years old -- unless you enjoy coming home to mass destruction.
It's important to know the history of your puppy's breed. That prepares you for some typical rat terrier behaviors. As you probably guessed from the name, the rat terrier was developed to hunt rats and other vermin on farms. Squirrels, rabbits and other backyard creatures are fair game for this fast little fellow. 
Rat terriers were bred to work and are high-energy dogs. They require at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.
Rat terriers are highly intelligent and eager to please their owners. Training that utilizes positive, reward-based methods works well with this breed and raises few issues. 


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