Russell Terriers

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It’s hard to keep up with this bold, lively dog. Learn more about the lovable terrier that charmed its way onto television and into our hearts. 
The Jack Russell terrier, Parson Russell terrier, and Russell terrier are actually three different breeds, despite sharing a common ancestry. These dogs were bred to hunt foxes and needed to be ferociously fierce and confident. The terrier’s job was to drive the prey out of its burrow for the hunters to catch. As a result, the dog is lean and small but packed with courage.
They are very smart and have a strong drive to explore the world around them. Although that means that they can excel at various training exercises it also means that they have to be intellectually and physically stimulated all day long.
They aren’t dogs that will sit quietly in the corner and ponder the finer intricacies of squirrel chasing – they are dogs that will tirelessly seek out, find the squirrel and give it a run for it’s acorns. If left to their own machinations, especially indoors, they are known to wreak havoc when bored.
ohn Russell (also known as the “Sporting Parson”) was a priest from Devon, England. He loved a good foxhunt and was always on the lookout for the perfect terrier to serve as his hunting companion.
As hunting dogs they are bred to be curious, fast, agile and have lots of stamina. They are without a doubt dogs that are made for the great outdoors and all the adventures that it brings them. 
The AKC originally recognized the breed in 2001, but changed the name to Parson Russell Terrier in 2003 after some pressure from the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that dogs made for hunting foxes love to dig. Their small stature is perfect for following the prey in their underground homes and chasing them out.
A lot of people say that when you get a Jack Russell you get a 150 pound dog personality in a 15 pound dog body. They love to assert themselves on others and aren’t afraid of anything or anyone. They are regular divas and love to have everybody’s attention all for themselves.
In theory, there is no need not to bath them frequently as bathing removes natural oils from the skin and dries it and that could make them shed even more. But we all know that Jack Russell’s attract mud., so sometimes baths are inevitable.
There were more than 100 candidates for the role of Wishbone, a time-traveling canine literature expert on a children’s show of the same name. 
Always use positive reinforcement. Highly intelligent animals such as Jack Russell’s often don’t handle negative reinforcement well. 


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