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Irish Setters have balanced, elegant, medium-sized frames (sometimes larger) covered in silky red coats that grow long on the ears, tails and chests. Their handsome, lean heads have long muzzles, almond shaped eyes, dark noses and long, thin ears. They have elegant necks that slope down to deep chests and level backs. Their long, tapered tails are usually carried horizontally. All four legs are lean but muscular. Their red coats can range anywhere from chestnut to mahogany, with or without white patches. Overall, the Irish Setter is a mixture of refined beauty and rustic vitality.
The most notable character about the setters is their beautiful red coats. This may seem ordinary but initially, the dogs were not this shade as they were used in hunting. They were red and white so that the herders could see them in the fields. As they were bred more and used for beauty, they became all red.
Unlike other dogs, this breed matures at a slower rate that other dogs so you can find a dog that looks mature physically but has the energy of a puppy, which is pretty cool when you think of it. People adore them for this trait.
Bred for hunting in the fields, Irish Setters are bursting with energy, quickness and endurance. If you’re a jogger, runner or bicyclist, take them along. 
Irish Setters have a rambunctious personality that’s almost puppy-like—a trait that can linger long after the puppy years are over. Though always full of good intentions and great vibes, Irish Setters will benefit from firm, positive training.
These dogs love having a big back yard to play in, but they don’t like to be left alone for too long. A happy Irish Setter is one that get healthy doses of exercise and attention.
A record three American presidents are known to have owned Irish Setters during their regime at White House.
In 1870, a settler from Ireland, Charles H. Turner brought an Irish Setter named Elcho to America, just as the state was beginning to get interested in the dog. In 1876, Elcho won a state championship and went ahead to sire 197 puppies.
With the instincts of a great hunter, the beauty of a show dog and the winning personality of a family pet, the Irish Setter is one of the world’s most beloved dogs.


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