Shih Tzu facts

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Evident from the name, Shih Tzu dogs were bred in China by royal families in the Ming Dynasty. They are very friendly dogs with an adorable face that melts human hearts.Their appearance is elegant with sweeping fur and a compact size. Shih Tzus are hard to resist, especially with these 9 facts about the breed.

The AKC breed standard is generous when it comes to size, preferring an ideal height at the shoulder of 9 to 10.5 inches, but not less than 8 inches nor more than 11 inches. The ideal weight of a mature Shih Tzu is from 9 to 16 pounds. There is no preference for dogs at either end of the size scale, so don’t be fooled by those who tout the rarity and desirability of an “imperial” or “teacup” Shih Tzu. There’s no such thing.

Shih Tzus are very adaptable, suited for anything from apartment living to a sweeping countryside home.

Every Shih Tzu lover has fallen captive to the breed’s luxurious, long and flowing double coat. It’s the hallmark of the breed, along with the signature topknot that ties up the dog’s head coat and accentuates it most fashionably with a pretty silk bow. Realistically, maintaining the floor-length coat of a show dog is a huge job, requiring time each day to nurture the hair, keep it in product and protective wraps and ensure that it remains clean. Creating the topknot is a skill in itself. While pet owners ooh and aah over the lavish coats they see on champion Shih Tzu at dog shows, most are happy to keep their pets in short, easy-to-maintain puppy cuts.

Shih Tzus love children and dogs, but they need to be monitored so the small dog does not get accidentally hurt during play.

Even though the Shih Tzu’s face is adorable, the shape makes the breed susceptible to heat stroke. Shih Tzus need to be kept in air conditioning during hot months.

Shih Tzus sleep like humans with wheezing and snoring.

The Ming Dynasty is known for owning Shih Tzus. They were called little lion dogs and chrysanthemum dogs because their fur around their face looked like chrysanthemum petals.

For all the Shih Tzu’s stubbornness, this is a busy little dog who wants to be with you wherever you are. If you would prefer not having canine company in the bathroom, at breakfast, while watching TV or working at the computer, a more independent breed might be a better fit.


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