Toy Fox Terriers

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An American-bred toy dog, the TFT was created to keep farms free of rats and other small vermin. He’s playful, silly, and fearless, but he also has a terrier temperament, which is not always easy to live with. He’s a super watchdog and has a short coat that’s easy to groom.
The Toy Fox Terrier has all the same traits that make the Smooth Fox Terrier such a successful hunter -- just in a diminutive package.
This is an athletic, agile and graceful dog with surprising strength and the stamina to frolic all day. The gait is smooth and effortless. The coat is short and smooth, perfect for caressing.
Like all terriers, he has an endless desire to be digging, barking, and investigating. The TFT frequently becomes a nuisance barker, and he can be aggressive towards other dogs, no matter what their size. When it comes to encounters with larger dogs, he must be protected from himself. His territoriality and noise level make him a good watchdog, however.
Because he’s small, the TFT fits well in any home, but if you live in an apartment or condo, his noisy nature and high activity level should give you pause if you won’t be home during the day to keep him entertained. Toy Fox Terriers love attention and do best with people who can spend a significant amount of time with them daily.
They are perfect for families with older children and other pets, but because of their small size most breeders won’t place them in homes with young children.
They’re so squirmy that hanging onto them can be a handful even for adults.
The TFT's intelligence, energy and penchant for showing off make it a quick study and impressive trick dog.


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