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EVOest Treat Pouch Dog Treat Training Pouch with Collapsible Bowl & 1 Roll of Bags Bonus
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translation missing: en.products.product.regular_price $25.94 $14.97 On Sale


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✅ YOUR DOG`S FAVOURITE TRAINING BAG: Focus on your dog without having to search everywhere for treats or toys! BONUS: Collapsible water bowl and Dog Training Tips Book written and tested by professional dog trainers!
✅ EXTRA STORAGE: The 2 zippered pouches and mesh netting can safely store your money, CC's or keys while taking that relaxing evening stroll with your puppy. Wider front zipper pocket fits ALL phones up to 5.6". This ultimate dog treat bag has it all.
✅ TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of lightweight weatherproof nylon fabric material that keeps your dog treats dry while on those fun early morning walks with your doggy.
✅ MULTIPLE WEARING OPTIONS: Clip the carabineer onto your belt or belt loop, adjust the pet treat bag’s belt to best fit your waist, or attach the strap and carry it over the shoulders.
✅ BUILT-IN BAG DISPENSER: Keep training and daily walk tidy with the built-in poop bag dispenser to easily pull out waste bags; it comes with 20 disposable bags included for free. --end-info-- --begin-description--Are you and your dog an active modern duo? Try the unique EVOest Treat Training Bag for training sessions like you never experienced before! The EVOest Treats Training Pouch is the perfect dog treat training bag for all active dog lovers! This lightweight training down string pouch adds a new level of freedom relaxation when spending quality time with your furry friend at the dog park. Carry your pup's treats and toys as well as the training items with 1 drawstring compartment and the metal carabineer clips. Easily pull the drawstring to securely close or open the top of the pouch to keep your items secure. Perfect for outdoor activities !

The EVOest Training Pouch is constructed of lightweight rugged nylon that stands up to sun rain snow like a champ. It’s also great for storing your keys phone or cash in one of the zippered pockets or front mesh netting. This innovative feature rich bag attaches securely onto your belt or belt loop but you can use the adjustable belt that fits waist from 23” to 42” to wear around your waist or attach the bag`s adjustable strap and carry it over the shoulders. High-quality pouch for quality time with your pet Spending time with your furry friends should be fun and rewarding! It’s the time of day that your dog looks forward to spending quality time with their favorite human! Whether you take your dog for a leisurely walk or to a training session in the park it’s always good to be “locked and loaded” with your dog’s favorite ball treats and a built-in poop bag dispenser. The pockets and hooks help you store your personal valuables while you keep your hands free to focus on what really matters: your dog!--end-description--

EVOest Dog Seat Cover Dog Car Seat Cover for Cars/Trucks/SUV's with Extra Side Flaps & Pet Seat Belt & Carry Bag Bonus
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--end-cart-- --begin-info--✅ PROBABLY THE BEST DOG SEAT COVER YOU WILL EVER BUY: Innovative dual purpose design that allows you and your pet to travel safely together while keeping your car seats clean. BONUS added: Evoest adjustable dog seat belt to keep your dog in place and a reusable carry bag
✅ UNIVERSAL FIT: Use the pet cover as complete bench coverage for any car or SUV due to the generous size 53" x 58". Turn to hammock or fit it in any trunk as pet protection mat. Anti-slide middle zipper allows dogs and humans to share the rear seat.
✅ FITS CARS & SUVS: 53" x 58"size - Use the pet cover as a luxurious bench coverage for any car, turn to hammock or fit any trunk as pet mat. Middle zipper allow dogs and humans to share the rear seat
✅ UPGRADED PROTECTION: Silicone non slip backing, built-in seat belts openings and sturdy seat anchors prevent cover from sliding the backseat. Wider 7.5” side flaps for seat cushion coverage
✅ PAIN-FREE INSTALLATION AND CLEANING: Simple to set up in your car. Just snap the buckle straps around your headrests and tuck in the seat anchors using the Velcro slots to adjust the seatbelt openings. The Evoest backseat cover can be easily cleaned with only a cloth, a vacuum or even a watering hose! It is even machine washable. Just use the Gentle Cycle and then air dry it Free Dog Training Tips E-Book written by professional dog trainers included on every purchase.

--end-info-- --begin-description--What makes the EVOest Dog Car Seat Cover Probably the Best You Can Buy?



Universal fit - Designed for the backseats of all standard cars, trucks and SUVs, the EVOest pet seat cover is 53" x 58" and comes with improved adjustable straps that make it a snug fit on the rear seat or trunk.

360 degree protection - The quilted hick panels and extra side flaps protects the back seat of your car completely, even on the sides of the bench!

Versatile car seat cover - You can use it as a pet seat protection or a child car seat cover! It can be fitted as standard bench coverage, hammock-style or even half/half due to the slide-proof middle zipper.

High-quality materials - The 600D Oxford Fabric, Cotton Filler, heavy-duty, waterproof, non-slip backing – all combined to protect your seats better than ever and ensure complete comfort for your two and four-legged passengers.

No slip and sliding - You don't want your pup to be tossed back and forth when you're on the go! Slip-Proof backing prevents pets and kids from sliding and keeps the cover in one place.

Easy to clean - When the cover gets dirty, you can remove it with ease and launder it in the washing machine to get it fresh, clean and ready for use again.

Hassle free installation - Quick release clips on the reinforced headrest straps make it super easy to install. Seat anchors and extra elastic straps also help make the cover a snug fit.

Waterproof - The EVOest hammock pet seat cover is 100% Waterproof, not just water resistant. The dog hammock backseat protection has 4 layers, while the middle layer is waterproof material, no smell and no harm to your pet.

Machine washable and easy to wipe down - Perfect for dogs that shed a lot - hair doesn't stick to it so it's easy to wipe off with a damp cloth or run it through the machine wash! --end-description--




Premium Hands Free Dog Leash for Running/Walking/Hiking with Strong Dual Handle Bungees for Large Dogs up to 150 lb Bonus Poop Bags Dispenser
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  • EASY GLIDE BELT CLIP: Unlike other hands-free leashes which force your leash to stay in one position, our durable clip smoothly slides along the lightweight belt allowing your dog move easily from side to side which means more freedom for you and your pup.
  • ADEQUATE RUNNING ROOM: Your dog can comfortably run in front of you, or beside you, without feeling like you are stepping on their heels. The 48" leash is long enough to provide plenty of room for both you and your dog - short enough to not get in your way.
  • EASILY CONTROL YOUR DOG: It's no fun having to stop right in the middle of an energetic run. Our TWO conveniently placed handles will allow you to control your pup WITHOUT BREAKING STRIDE. Quickly use the handle by your hip to guide your dog back on track, or the collar handle for more direct control.
  • STRATEGICALLY PLACED BUNGEE: The durable bungee is placed between the two handles keeping the bungee from having a constant pulling tension on your dog when it is not needed - It allows for an absorbed extension (60") for strong pulling dogs.
  •  REFLECTIVE THREAD & QUALITY MATERIAL: Designed with THREE seams of luminous reflective stitching that run the length of the leash and the 48" belt to ensure you stay safe and visible on your late evening runs. Tough, durable and weather resistant to hold up against even the most active of dogs.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Our leash will improve your walks and runs with your dog, or your money back!--end-info--

--begin-description--When running, walking or hiking with your dog, it's inconvenient to hold a leash in hand. With this hands free leash, you can freely use your phone, carry equipment without feeling restrained by dog's movements. No more exhausting arms and back pain! Reflective stitching on belt, leash and waist pouch provides greater visibility and safety in low light. BUNGEE LEASH Length 49 inches when the bungee is completely relaxed. At maximum tension, it can extend up to 69", provides adequate running space, allowing your dog ability to run in front or beside. Built with shock-absorbing component that can absorb abrupt changes in direction of dog, reduce risk of getting hurt. Dual handles better guide your dog, allow for added control, flexible traffic control. WAIST BELT 1.1" wide for ergonomic, comfortable wear. Adjusts from 27" to 46" to fit a large range of waist sizes. With dual D-ring clips, you can position dog to your personal preference,attach multiple dog leash or accessories. MESH POUCH Size 6.8" x 0.8" x 4" (L x W x H) Keys, phones and other accessories are ready for your convenience. Detachable and easy to slide on or off the belt. Silicone poop bag dispenser on the back. Easy & Versatile Quick release buckle for easy removing waist belt. Two metal clasp in two side of leash. switch locked and open. Use cases: shoulder leash, double leash, training Leash,ect. Tie the leash to a tree if you need to leave your dog for a moment. Material Premium Nylon, industrial grade steel. weather resistant. Withstand the strain from medium and large, energetic dogs. Every pet owner undeniably needs one of these hands-free dog, especially those who had trouble walking their dog and kids at the same time! Order now! Consider ordering another one as a gift to your friend!--end-description--