About Us

We love dogs as much as you do!

Our main goal at EVOest is to produce premium functional pet products designed to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners.

Every great idea starts with a problem! As dog owners ourselves, we often had to deal with messy car seats or jumpy, over-excited dogs in the car while on the road to outdoor adventures. How many times have you decided to leave your dog home to protect your backseats? How many times you went hiking with your dog but had to return because you did not have food or water for him on the go? Or you just had to carry too many accessories on a hike for your dog?  As long-time dog owners and trainers, we couldn't let that be the case anymore.

That's the why and how of the founding of EVOest. We are a company that, among the onslaught of cheaply made and ineffective product supplies, aims to provide the consumers with high quality, yet very affordable dog gear.

Among our products, you will find the best Treat Training Pouch that comes with a complete set of accessories for training, so you will always be ready to take your pup on a stroll. Keep your belongings safe, your pooch's treats and water bowl close and have the waste bags ready just in case.

Also, you can use the EVOest quality dog seat cover that can also be turned into a hammock or can be used as picnic blanket, truck protection cover or even at home as couch protector.

We aim every single one of our products to be of exceptional quality and build. That's why, when it comes to our dog products, we at EVOest make a point of using nothing but the very best materials, as well as cutting-edge production processes and strict quality control.

That's the only way we can be certain that our products are what we promised, and that they will be able to meet the high standards and expectations of even the most demanding customer - you! Your satisfaction is, after all, paramount. It's what keeps us in business!